Where architecture meets furniture: the door is no longer just a functional element, but an object of great aesthetic value. This is the philosophy behind this collection that makes variety and elegance the two cornerstones around which all our creations revolve.

  • White Glass

  • Intalya

  • Lacquered Millerighe

  • Millerighe Wood Essence

  • Aurea

  • Reflex

    Elegant, minimalist and at the same time functional, the mirror doors are the ideal solution for those who want to furnish the house in an original way while visually enlarging spaces and creating depth inside the rooms of the house.
  • Geometrica

    A collection that reflects the modern taste of those looking for linearity and a touch of originality. The simplicity of geometric lines engraved on the door creates a pleasant play of lights and shadows that uniquely characterises the hinged door.
  • Halley

    The blue sky and some of its brightest stars inspire the design of the Halley collection doors. They stylishly embellish a wall to make an environment stand out, to emphasise a space, to make it unique.


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